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Honors Program

“Honors is what made me choose LMU.”  –Victoria

At LMU, students with a high level of academic achievement have the opportunity to participate in specialized classes and accelerated learning through the University Honors Program.

In addition to smaller, seminar-style classes, Honors students receive mentoring and guidance from hand-picked Honors faculty, have the option of living in special Honors housing and have the ability to create self-directed learning opportunities including student-led publications and personalized research programs.

While participation in the Honors program can provide you with a more challenging and rewarding educational experience, it can also help:

  • Improve your chances for prestigious national and international scholarships
  • Help with admission to graduate school
  • Make you more sought after for positions in the job market

Want to learn more?

Visit the LMU Honors program website to: 

  • Learn about the benefits of being an LMU Honors student 
  • Review the  requirements and find out how to apply
  • Find answers to frequently asked questions about the Program