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The Center for Undergraduate Teacher Preparation, within the School of Education, offers great opportunities for students preparing for careers in K-12 teaching. The Center provides matriculation-to-graduation advising and other academic and professional support to students. Students completing a program supported by the Center will achieve both a major in their chosen discipline, as well as fulfill the requirements for a California preliminary teaching credential, which allows students to start their teaching career upon graduation. Credential programs are offered in Elementary Education, Secondary Education, Special Education, and Bilingual Education. Our credentials are recognized in California, and through reciprocity agreements, in most states across the country.

Selecting a Major 

Whether you wish to teach at the elementary or secondary level, your major provides the subject matter preparation you need, and you combine this subject mastery with School of Education coursework designed to provide the educational theory and practical instructional experience.

The Liberal Studies major (approved by the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing) is designed for elementary level teachers who will teach multiple subjects to their students.  If you are interested in teaching a single subject at the middle school or high school level, your LMU major should be in the subject you wish to teach. Subject areas include Art, Biology, Chemistry, English, Math, Social Science, and Spanish. Although students typically major in the content area they plan to teach, students can major in any discipline.

You are able (and encouraged!) to begin taking education courses as early as sophomore year at LMU. Formal admission to the School of Education is required in order to declare a minor in Education.

Teacher Education Programs

For more information about the Teacher Education Programs please visit the Center for Undergraduate Teacher Preparation.