First-Year Applicants


Students on the bluff

Deadlines for Freshman Applicants


  • November 1 – Early Decision (binding) admission for Fall
  • November 1 – Early Action (non-binding) admission for Fall
  • January 15 – Regular Decision Admission for Fall


  • October 15 – Admission for Spring (January) semester

Financial Aid Deadline

February 1 is the deadline for freshman applicants to submit the FAFSA. Early Decision applicants seeking financial aid must file the FAFSA by November 15. Please visit our Financial Aid page for more details.

How We Evaluate

Every year, LMU receives applications from thousands of bright, talented, and ambitious high school seniors. While a student’s academic record is the primary factor for consideration, we realize that student ability and potential can be demonstrated in many different ways. Some of the additional factors that we look at are: 

  • Writing ability (LMU requires all students to submit the LMU Supplemental Essay. Additionally, if you are applying through the Common Application, you must also submit a Personal Essay.)
  • Artistic and athletic accomplishments
  • Work or service-related endeavors
  • Co-curricular activities and achievements
  • Recommendations
  • National test scores (either SAT or ACT is required)
  • Relationship to the University

There is no minimum GPA or test score required for admission to LMU, but admission is selective. We look at each candidate’s application for indications of academic achievement, preparation, and potential.

In addition to academic accomplishments, we are looking for well-rounded students who demonstrate the potential and willingness to become contributing members of our community. If that sounds like you, then we look forward to your application!


In order to prepare yourself for the rigorous academic programs at LMU, we recommend completing the following high school courses: 

  • English: 4 years
  • Foreign Language: 3 years
  • Mathematics: 3 years
  • Laboratory Science: 2 years
  • Social Sciences: 3 years
  • Academic Electives: 1 year 

For students interested in pursuing specific areas of academic study, there are a few additional recommendations:

Business Students 

Business applicants must complete a year of study in each of the following: elementary algebra, geometry, and intermediate algebra/trigonometry.

Engineering, Science, Computer Science, and Mathematics Students

Applicants to these programs should complete four years of mathematics and one year each of biology, chemistry, and physics.

Applicants to Animation, Dance, Music, and Theatre Arts

Applications to these programs require a portfolio or audition. Please click on your area of interest to view your additional requirement:

Theatre Arts

Applicants to Production (Film and Television) and Studio Arts

Applications to these programs have an option to submit a portfolio. Please click on your area of interest to view your additional requirement:

Production (Film & Television)
Studio Arts

After You Have Applied


Applications for admission are reviewed on a continuous basis. This means that your application will be evaluated as soon as all required documents have been received. Written notification of your eligibility for admission will be sent as soon as a decision has been reached and normally no later than April 1 for fall freshmen who apply by January 15. Early Action and Early Decision applicants will be notified in December. 

The review of Regular Decision applications begins in January. Admitted students are required to submit final transcripts to verify that all work in progress is successfully completed. In the event that the final semester of work does not meet required criteria, acceptance may be rescinded.

Early Decision

Early Decision applications may be accepted, denied, or deferred for further consideration in our regular decision process. All Early Decision notifications will be sent by mid-December. LMU’s Early Decision program is binding. Students admitted under Early Decision must submit their commitment deposit by January 11th.  Students whose applications are denied through Early Decision may not seek further consideration; all Early Decision denials are final.

Early Action

Early Action applications may be accepted, denied, or deferred for further consideration in our regular decision process. All Early Action notifications will be mailed by late December. LMU’s Early Action program is non-binding; students accepted under Early Action still have until the Candidate’s Reply Date of May 1 to commit to LMU. Students whose applications are denied through Early Action may not seek further consideration; Early Action denials are final.

Living on Campus

LMU encourages first-time freshmen to live in university housing because it enriches their educational experience. For fall enrollment, university housing is guaranteed to first-time freshmen who send in their commitment deposits postmarked by May 1. Once you submit your commitment deposit, Housing will send an email with the housing application and deposit information. Housing requests from fall transfer students and from all spring applicants are processed on a space-available basis. Visit the Student Housing page for more information.

Academic Scholarships

All freshman applicants are automatically considered for academic scholarships. No additional application is required. See Scholarships for more details.