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Spring 2013 Admitted Student Information

Congratulations on your acceptance to LMU! The information contained in this site is designed exclusively for students planning to enroll at LMU this January. Throughout the fall, the Admission Office has been implementing a new software system, and as a result of some of the challenges associated with such a large and complex project, our communication with you has been less extensive than normal. Understanding that this might leave you with some areas of uncertainty as you plan your transition to LMU, we will try to address the most common topics here in some detail. This content will echo and expand upon the information contained in your acceptance letter. The information is broken down by topic, as directed in this list.  You can navigate directly to each specific topic, but we advise that you read all this information carefully.

Important Contacts
Financial Aid

Contact Information: Here are phone numbers and email addresses for some of the offices which might be able to be of assistance to you over the next month. After you’ve read the information contained in this website, feel free to call them for clarification or further information if necessary. Please read the relevant information here first, so your conversations with the staff in these offices are as well formulated and focused as possible- you’ll both feel better!

Admission Office: 310-338-2750; admission@lmu.edu. You can always start with us. If we don’t know the answers to any of your questions, we can get them for you, or put you in touch with the best resource on campus to answer them.

For international students: International Outreach:  310 258-5478; international@lmu.edu

Financial Aid: 310-338-2753; finaid@lmu.edu.

Student Financial Services: 310-338-2711; StudAcct@lmu.edu. Student Financial Services works closely with Financial Aid and handles billing and payments. If you have questions about your bill after your financial aid is awarded, you can contact Student Financial Services.

Orientation: 310-338-7429; orientation@lmu.edu, for any questions about your new student Orientation, which will take place on January 11th. An extra Orientation for international students will be held on January 10th.

Student Housing: 310-338-2963; housing@lmu.edu

MyLMU: MyLMU is LMU’s one stop portal for access to information and services. You may access MyLMU at http://my.lmu.edu. On your first visit to MyLMU, you will have to create your account. You’ll see a link to “Reset my Password.” Follow this link, and provide all the information requested. When you are finished, you’ll receive your user name and a temporary password, which you will be prompted to change to something you will more easily remember. Even before you begin school in January, you will use MyLMU to access the housing application website, information on your financial aid, and, for transfer students, to register for your courses. Once you are here, you’ll use MyLMU almost daily to access email, manage your OneCard, and connect with offices, processes and services in almost every realm of student life.

Important Note: The University will be closed from December 22-January 1. Offices reopen on January 2nd. The Admission Staff will be monitoring email December 26, 27, and 28 and will respond to questions to the best of our ability. Spring semester classes begin on Monday, January 14th.

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How Do I Sign Up for University Housing?

On campus housing is available to all students entering this January who wish to live on campus. Watch for an email from the Student Housing Office with instructions on filling out the online application which is required for placement in housing. You will access this online application through MyLMU. Once you receive these instructions, the sooner you complete the entire application and send the $400.00 processing fee, the sooner you will receive information about your housing placement. You must pay your $250.00 Commitment Deposit before you are eligible to apply for housing.

Students choosing to live on campus will be able to move in on January 10th, in order to be ready for Orientation on January 11th. International students will be able to move in a day earlier, on January 9th, due to the extra International Student Orientation session on January 10th. Full details on your housing placement and on move in procedures will be sent to you by the Student Housing Office.

All January enrollees are also guaranteed housing on campus for the 2013-2014 academic year.

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How Will I Know if I Will Receive Financial Aid?

If you have sent your FAFSA to LMU to apply for Financial Aid, you will hear from the Financial Aid Office as soon as your application has been reviewed and funds have been awarded. If any further information is needed from you, the Financial Aid staff will contact you.

LMU maintains a financial aid portal for entering students called MyAid. You can access your personal financial aid information through MyAid, which you reach by logging in to MyLMU. MyAid also contains a great deal of information on financing your LMU career, including information on student and parent loans, working on campus, and budgeting for your expenses.

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Can I Park On Campus?

Yes- both students residing on campus and students commuting to the University can park on campus. Parking on campus costs $335.00 per semester, which will be billed to your student account. You must register your car to be able to park on campus. You will access the registration form on line through MyLMU. More details can be found at this Parking and Transportation website, including how to register your vehicle and in which lots you will be eligible to park: http://admin.lmu.edu/lmucommunityparking/registration/

Registering your car in advance of the beginning of classes will make your first trips to campus easier.

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New Student Orientation

A mandatory Orientation for all new students will take place on Friday, January 11th. This will be a full day of activities designed to assist with your transition to your new environment. This means familiarizing you with important offices and services you’ll use throughout your career, and also making sure you are introduced to the standards and obligations LMU expects all of our students to understand and respect.  Current LMU students serve as your Orientation leaders. They will guide you through the day and be available to assist you after school begins.

Parents are welcome at Orientation, too. There’s a full program of presentations and activities for any parents who are able to attend.

Once you have paid your Commitment Deposit to indicate your intent to enroll at LMU, you will receive information from the Orientation staff regarding the program for the 11th and instructions for RSVP’ing.  In the meantime, a preliminary schedule of activities is available at  http://admission.lmu.edu/lifeatlmu/orientation/.

International students: In addition to the New Student Orientation on January 11th, you must also participate in an additional International Student Orientation the day before, on Thursday, January 10th. Both orientations are mandatory. The Office of International Students and Scholars (OISS) will be sending information on International Student Orientation. In the meantime, if you have questions about International Student Orientation, please email international@lmu.edu.

If you are living in on campus housing, you will be allowed to move in the day before Orientation- domestic students on Thursday, January 10th, and international students on Wednesday, January 9th. Details will be sent by the Student Housing Office.

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How Does Registration for Spring Semester Courses Work?

Transfer Students: Please see your acceptance letter for the most detailed information and instructions regarding registration. Our Registrar’s office and your Dean are busy evaluating your prior coursework to determine equivalency and transferability to LMU. This usually takes about 3 weeks after you are accepted. Your completed transfer course evaluation will be posted for you to access on line.

Once you see your completed evaluation, you will be able to discuss your spring semester course selections with your Dean’s office. This discussion can be in person, by phone, or over email, although at least one in person or phone conversation is usually valuable. Once this advising conversation is complete, you will go on line to actually register for your courses.

Your acceptance letter contains instructions for logging into LMU’s PROWL system to check for and view your transfer course evaluation as well as the name, phone number and email address of the person you will work with in your Dean’s office to choose the best course schedule. Please do not contact your Dean’s office until you see your course evaluation posted. Until that evaluation is complete, they cannot appropriately advise you on course selection and registration. You may register for courses all the way up to the first day of classes on the 14th, and you can drop and add throughout the first week of school.

Freshmen: Your spring semester registration will be taken care of by your advisor and your Dean’s office. Based on your major and some information you will be asked to provide, they will construct a course schedule for you that includes courses in the core curriculum, appropriate courses in your major, and reflects as much as possible the interests and any restrictions you indicate.

You will have the chance to express your interests and identify any restrictions that may influence your schedule in a Pre-Registration Survey we will send to you as part of your Freshman Tutorial. If you have already paid your Commitment Deposit, you will receive an email very soon regarding this online Tutorial. All entering freshmen must complete this Tutorial in order to have their course schedule constructed.  If you have not yet paid your deposit, this email will come very soon after we receive your deposit and know that you plan to enroll. The tutorial is the key step to getting your spring courses squared away.

In addition to the Pre Registration Survey, the Tutorial will have links to Placement Exams which will help your advisors build the best schedule for you. All new freshmen must complete a math placement exam. In addition, if you are planning to continue studying a foreign language, you must take a placement exam in that language, too. If you are starting a new language, or do not plan to continue with language studies, you will not need to take the language placement exam. No permanent records of placement exam results are kept- these are used for placement purposes only.

When you have completed the Tutorial, the Pre Registration Survey and the placement exam(s), your Dean’s office will email you your spring semester course schedule. If you wish to make changes to this schedule, you will be able to consult with an advisor at Orientation or during the first week of school, and make adjustments you agree upon before the end of that first week of class.

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When can I get my books?

Once you have your class schedule, you can order your books online. If you are local, of course, you can come to campus and go to the bookstore in person if you prefer. To access the online order site, go to http://www.lmu.bkstr.com and click on “Find Your Textbooks” in the upper right of the webpage. Have your course schedule handy, because you’ll need the course numbers to make sure you order the right books. If you decide to shop in person, the bookstore is open M-F from 9:00 – 5:00 and on Saturday from 10:30- 3:00. They will be closed between Christmas and New Year, and will reopen on January 2. They will have extended hours the first week of classes, but it’s best not to wait if you can avoid it.

Did you know our bookstore is also an Authorized Apple Computer store? You can check out available products and educational discount prices here: http://content.efollett.com/apple_discount/index.html

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