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What is Marketing?

LMU's Marketing major helps students focus on activities that facilitate exchange between individuals and organizations. Students learn the art and science of defining opportunities and persuading people to try the products or services an organization offers.

The Marketing major provides students with the option to focus on specific areas such as consumer behavior, market research, brand management, international marketing, promotion management, sales, business-to-business marketing, perspectives on consumption, pricing, marketing law, sports marketing, and global marketing strategy.

Students gain a broad understanding of the role of marketing in both business and nonbusiness situations. They come to understand the elements of the marketing mix, and how these elements can be integrated to achieve organizational objectives. 

What do Marketing majors do?

The major presents students with a rich variety of learning environments, including lectures, projects, team competitions, oral presentations, and special events - the same kinds of situations students will experience in the workplace. Students are encouraged to participate in internship programs in order to gain practical experience and perspective, and to put their skills to work for campus activities and organizations. Study abroad opportunities are available.

Marketing majors also examine the relationship of marketing to other business and related disciplines such as economics and psychology. Students learn to do customer analysis, competitive analysis, and industry analysis.  They learn to analyze market opportunities and identify internal and external forces that impact the marketing process. 

Is this major right for you?

You might be a Marketing major if you:

  • Are creative
  • Are a strategist
  • Seek a business career
  • Are an excellent communicator
  • Are analytical 

About our faculty

Our faculty members are experts in fields such as marketing strategy, marketing research, industrial sales and sales management, human values and services marketing, business-to-business marketing, international business, franchising, consumer price elasticity in online markets, and online consumer-to-consumer markets.

Faculty members are active researchers and writers whose work has appeared in publications such as the Journal of Consumer Research, the Journal of Business & Industrial Marketing, Sales Management, Psychology & Marketing, Industrial Marketing Management, and the International Journal of Value-Based Marketing. 

About our students and graduates

Many majors join the LMU Marketing Society. In association with the American Marketing Association, the Marketing Society connects LMU students with marketing professionals for purposes of advice, networking, internships and job leads.

LMU students majoring or minoring in Marketing prepare for careers in public relations, business consulting, sports and entertainment marketing, marketing research, sales and sales management, marketing management, retailing, and advertising. Many graduates go on to top-level positions in management. 

Representative courses

Our courses have included:

  • Principles of Marketing
  • International Marketing
  • Marketing Research
  • E-Commerce Marketing
  • Marketing and Selling Travel and Tourism
  • Sports Marketing
  • Entertainment Marketing
  • Marketing Law
  • Sales Management
  • Brand Management
  • International Supply Chain Management
  • Consumer Behavior
  • Entrepreneurial and Small Business Marketing
  • Internship
  • Independent Studies 

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