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What is the Pre-Journalism Curriculum?

LMU's Pre-Journalism Curriculum - a program that resides within the English and Communication Studies majors - comprises a collection of exciting and interdisciplinary courses helpful to those who intend to pursue a graduate degree in journalism, or who plan to work as journalists.

Students who successfully complete 18 units of approved coursework earn a Pre-Journalism Curriculum Completion Certificate. 

What do Pre-Journalism Curriculum students do?

Students take courses offered by departments and colleges across LMU, making the curriculum truly interdisciplinary. Courses focus on journalistic issues, media topics, and related fields. Offerings include  courses on journalistic writing, ethics, persuasive strategies, and intercultural communication.

Because an understanding of politics is important to being a good journalist, the Pre-Journalism Curriculum includes a number of political science courses. The working journalist often develops a specialization in a particular area, such as sports, entertainment or the environment, so students may take courses in these areas. 

Is this certificate right for you?

You might be a Pre-Journalism Curriculum student if you:

  • Enjoy reading newspapers and magazines
  • Are a good writer
  • Have a passion for telling stories
  • Excel at gathering information
  • Have diverse and interdisciplinary interests 

About our faculty

Our Pre-Journalism Advisor and our cross-disciplinary faculty have published articles, books, plays, and more. Faculty members come from departments including Philosophy, English, and Political Science. Faculty have specific areas of interest ranging from how to conduct interviews and write essays, to rhetoric, composition, stylistics, and media ethics. 

About our students and graduates

Our students are strongly advised to participate in LMU's award-winning student newspaper, the Los Angeles Loyolan, the campus yearbook, The Tower, and/or radio station, KXLU.

The Loyolan - established in 1921 - is produced by a dedicated student staff that produces content and handles production, business, sales and design. The newspaper publishes twice weekly during the academic year and is available online at

LMU students receiving the Pre-Journalism Curriculum Certificate complete the necessary coursework to be English or Communications Studies majors. The Pre-Journalism Curriculum is particularly recommended for students who intend to pursue a graduate degree in journalism. A large number of LMU graduates have gone on to graduate programs at the nation's most prestigious journalism schools and successful careers in print, electronic and broadcast journalism. 

Representative courses

Our courses have included: 

  • Writing for Journalism
  • Writing Internship in Media
  • Journalism: The Interview
  • Reviewing the Arts
  • Journalism: Editing Workshop
  • The Essay
  • Practicum in Journalism
  • Contemporary Rhetorical Theory
  • Style in Writing
  • Rhetoric and Media
  • American Politics
  • The Politics of California
  • Media Ethics
  • Contemporary Moral Problems
  • Independent Studies 

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