LMU Institutes Early Decision

LMU Institutes Early Decision

This year, LMU will add Early Decision as an option for Fall, 2017 freshman applicants. Applicants will now be able to choose to apply ED, EA, or Regular Decision. The ED application deadline is November 1, the same as our Early Action deadline.

We have been studying this for some time, and have been interested in providing students for whom LMU is their top choice with an ED option, but it’s only with the early availability of the FAFSA that ED seemed to be a viable option for LMU. We did not want an ED program at LMU to be viable for full pay students only. Since we cannot meet the full demonstrated need of all admitted students, we know that a full financial aid award will be critical to many of our ED admits. This year, under the new prior -prior year policies and with the early availability of the FAFSA, we will be able to let students know about their financial aid, and thus determine if LMU will be affordable, in the traditional ED timeframe.

ED applicants seeking need based financial aid are required to submit their FAFSA by November 15. ED admission decisions will be announced by December 1; aid awards will be communicated to ED admits by December 20, and students will be expected to submit their Commitment Deposit by January 12.

All ED admits will be automatically considered for our merit based scholarships, including a modest Early Decision Scholarship. Thus, ED admits who qualify for either merit based aid or need based aid or both will receive notification of their award by December 20.  ED students who do not submit the FAFSA by November 15 may do so later to determine eligibility for federal or state funding, but we will not consider late filers for need based institutional aid, so the November 15 FAFSA deadline is very important.

With regard to admission, and as we have always done for Early Action, we will make every effort to insure that admission decisions are consistent across ED, EA and Regular Decision. ED applicants can be accepted, refused or deferred. Students who are deferred will be considered again in Regular Decision, and their binding commitment will no longer apply. Consistent with our Early Action policies, ED refusals are final- no appeals based on later test scores or grades will be considered. In other words, ED is not a good option for the student who is very high on LMU but is counting on late October or November test scores or senior grades to influence the admission decision.