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Freshman Orientation

Freshman Orientation is an exciting opportunity for students to get acclimated to LMU and meet fellow classmates, faculty, and staff. 
To reserve a space for orientation, students must first complete the required Orientation and Registration Tutorial. Freshmen will receive an email with instructions on how to complete the tutorial once LMU receives their Commitment Deposit.  

Once you complete your placement exam(s) and pre-registration survey found in your tutorial, you are eligible to RSVP for Orientation; you’ll find a link at the end of the tutorial.

Incoming students are encouraged to read The Common Book, which is designed to unite the LMU community in an intellectual endeavor outside the classroom. Although the effort is focused on first-year students, it is our hope that the Common Book creates a forum in which students, faculty and staff can connect and discuss the book’s themes and intentions.

We are excited to welcome you to LMU!