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Orientation Leaders

Upon arrival to LMU, you will be welcomed by your student Orientation Leaders (aka O’Leaders).  You will be placed into small groups of 8-12 students separated by college with two O’Leaders, a male and a female, assigned to guide you through the entire orientation program.  O’Leaders are extremely friendly so feel comfortable to reach out to them whenever you have questions about your transition to LMU.  If you would like get to know your O’Leaders better, and learn about their hobbies and interests at LMU, please click on any of the following links:



Bellarmine College of Liberal Arts 

Shannon O'Brien

Citlaly Orozco

Jake Belanio


 Lauren Slack 

Ariel Fields


EJ de Lara

David Griffith

Amy Herrera

Richard Kelsey

Tabatha Laanui

Caisen Mirassou

Nick Warner


College of Business Administration 

Julie Olson

Katrina Malaiba


Kendall Andronico


Neta Grossfeld

Emilio Torres

Elizabeth Ricci

Chris O'Connor

Blake Fortney

‌Rob Watchmaker

Deonte Lang

Hannah Hauserman

Michael Duncan


College of Communication & Fine Arts  

         Guadalupe Mejia


Kaleb Sisson


Cameron Tapella


Niya Wright

Candace Williams

Greg Kellogg

‌Heather Gottlieb

Kerigan Kenny




Frank R. Seaver College of Science & Engineering


Veronica Pintor

Isabel Gonzaga

David Rodriguez


Sarafina Rush

Adam VavRosky

Jake Harter

Andrew Kowalczyk

‌Johny Melara

 Aisha McKee

‌Anna Keathley






School of Film & Television 

Tucker King

Thomas Ireton

 Melissa Effa

Jen O'Malley









Monica Rosales 


Kailey Strachan


Casey Escovedo

William Kircher

E‌llen Zirkelbach

Bryan Rivas



For more personal contact with people at LMU, check out Ask LMU. You’ll find brief video responses to questions prospective students have asked. You can submit a question, too, if you can’t locate what you’re looking for elsewhere on the website.