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International Students

Since 1956, LMU has had a proud tradition of enrolling international students representing more than 83 countries. The University is proud to showcase its comprehensive academic programs on the undergraduate, graduate, and professional levels. Students from around the globe from all spiritual, ethnic, and cultural backgrounds are welcomed to our stunning campus in the heart of Southern California and Los Angeles.

"The professors are super-helpful. You can go to office hours whenever you want. They also understand that you're international and most of these experiences are new to you." 

Sahar Mansoor '13
Political Science major from India


 "I really like the small class sizes at LMU. As an international student, I'm paying the same school fees no matter where I go, so I wanted to go somewhere where I'll get my money's worth. I wanted the attention from the professors. This is a really nice study environment."
Pius Chee '13
Biochemistry major from Singapore








LMU is a premiere teaching and research institute with both undergraduate and graduate programs that have been recognized as among the best in the U.S.

Campus and Environment 

Located in a quiet residential neighborhood, LMU provides its students with a welcoming and safe campus environment with easy access to all that Los Angeles has to offer.

Fees and Scholarships   

International students are eligible for academic scholarship programs sponsored by LMU, as well as LMU Work, a part-time work program on campus.


For more personal contact with people at LMU, check out Ask LMU. You’ll find brief video responses to questions prospective students have asked. You can submit a question, too, if you can’t locate what you’re looking for elsewhere on the website.