Hayden Tanabe

ASLMU President Hayden Tanabe Aims to Unify LMU

Associated Student of Loyola Marymount University (ASLMU) president and senior business management major Hayden Tanabe knows the LMU fight song by heart and will happily sing it upon request at a moment’s notice. It is with this same infectious enthusiasm that he plans to forge a successful presidency and bring the LMU community closer together than ever before.

“My business management coursework and involvement in LMU’s Resident Housing Association (RHA) and ASLMU over the past three years has really informed my leadership experience for the better,” the Torrance, Calif. native said.

Last semester, Hayden and his vice president, Mara Ley, ran their campaign on a four-point platform that revolved around the theme of community togetherness. Now in office, Hayden aims to bring student groups closer together, create greater transparency between the administration and students and enhance the different resources offered to student groups.

“I don’t think we’re as connected as we possibly could be,” Hayden said. “It’s up to a group like ASLMU to orchestrate the coming together of the community.”

Originally drawn to LMU for its strong academic profile and small campus feel, Hayden says LMU has provided him with the opportunity to get away from home, with the comfort of not going too far.

“I wanted to choose a university that would allow me to get involved on a large scale right away and take an active role in shaping the community around me,” Hayden said, noting that he’s grown a lot in these past three years 

Hayden has been involved in a number of campus pursuits outside of ASLMU, including the Magis service organization, Delta Sigma Pi business fraternity, RHA – where he served as president for two consecutive years – and as an Orientation Leader.

Additionally, he was selected to take part in the Lingdao Fellows program and the Global Leadership Program in Beijing, China. Both afforded him the opportunity to further sharpen his leadership skills and immerse himself in a new culture.

“As students, I think we are called upon to fulfill all three components of the University’s mission,” Hayden said. “And I seek to intentionally place myself in environments where I will be able to better fulfill those.”

Following graduation next spring, Hayden hopes to take the leadership and management skills he has acquired during his time on the bluff and go directly into management consulting.

As for what advice he has for new Lions? 

“LMU has everything you are looking for and more and you just need to let yourself be moved by the entire experience,” Hayden said. “Every single experience I’ve had here has pushed me to where I am now and every place I’ve been is a new challenge and opportunity for growth. How could you not love a place that has given so much to you?”