Natalie Janji

The Write Way

Class of 2016 Chemistry graduate Natalie Janji is using her transformative LMU experience to better the experiences of others with a self-help book, “The Miracle Morning for College Students.” A native of Glendale, Calif., Natalie’s book is an addition to the bestselling “Miracle Morning” series by Hal Elrod, which aims to illustrate how an empowering morning routine can pave the way to success and personal fulfillment.

Finding herself inspired after reading Elrod’s book her senior year, Natalie reached out to the author and pitched the idea of co-authoring a version specifically for college students.

“I really wanted a book to exist that helped students navigate college life as successfully as possible,” Natalie said. “When you’re able to take care of yourself better, you’re able to take care of those around you better.”

Natalie explains that her own personal “miracle morning” starts at around 6 a.m. and includes time for meditation, journaling, stating affirmations and visualizing the steps she is going to take to make them a reality.

“It’s really up to each individual person to decide how they want to create and go about their miracle morning ritual,” Natalie said.

Most recently, Natalie had a companion planner published to accompany her book, “The Miracle Morning for College Students Planner,” as well as a version that aims to support the entire Miracle Morning community. Additionally, she is making a career out of speaking engagements for non-profits and charities as well student coaching. In fact, last November she returned to the bluff for a book signing and to share her insights with the LMU community.

Natalie says that she has always cared greatly for the welfare of students, as she was both a Resident Advisor and worked in the Student Affairs office at LMU, and that it’s a passion that was fostered, in part, by LMU’s Jesuit values.

“The role I’m really shooting for is to be a champion for students,” Natalie said. “So far, it’s been a real joy to see how students can grow as a result of my coaching.”

As an LMU student, Natalie says she often ran into the problem of overcommitting herself due to the sheer amount of opportunities and activities at her disposal.

“I discovered I was actually doing myself a disservice by saying ‘yes’ to everything,” Natalie said. “I decided I needed to start becoming more deliberate with my time-management choices.”

As for what other advice she might have for future lions?

“I would ask students to be bold,” Natalie said. “You are more than capable of creating the life you want, and LMU is a great place to begin.”