Dance, CFA

Dance Program Audition Procedures
Loyola Marymount University
Dance Program: Department of Theatre Arts & Dance

The Dance faculty at Loyola Marymount University considers auditioning an essential process. The prospective students get to know the people and program at LMU, and staff members become acquainted with prospective students. We welcome students who aspire to become professional dancers, choreographers, teachers, dance advocates, and those who wish to pursue any of several other career paths associated with dance and other body-based arts. We offer challenging pre-professional preparation. Dance Majors are carefully screened into courses of appropriate technical level with students of similar ability. In other courses such as Dance History or Fundamentals of Dance Composition, students work side by side with students of a variety of backgrounds and training, to further enrich their experience through an array of dance courses.

Auditions and Interviews are held on Tuesdays and Thursdays during the Fall and Spring semesters (no Summer auditions). Please be sure to contact us first before making travel plans to ensure availability of the audition date. To schedule an audition/interview, please email:

Carol Jones
Senior Administrative Coordinator

All Dance Majors are required to participate in an in-person audition or phone interview. All freshman and transfer applicants participate in the same audition process.

Dance Minor students DO NOT need to participate in an audition.

Please bring all required forms on the day of your audition/interview.

Campus Tours are scheduled through Undergraduate Admission. You can schedule a campus tour here or contact them at 310-338-7602 or We strongly recommend that you schedule a campus tour on a separate day from your audition. Auditions/Interviews often take a full day.

The audition schedule will be available beginning in September, for both Fall and Spring semesters.

Prospective Students may be referred to a Peer Student Advisor for any questions regarding the Dance program, audition information, and/or a tour of the Dance program facility.

1.) Audition DVD/USB drive or link to video: Due on the date of your phone interview. DVD/USB drive is NOT required for an in-person audition.

Each prospective student who is having a phone interview must submit a DVD of his/her work (a link to your audition video is also acceptable). Please clearly mark student's name on the DVD. Group work and performance footage is accepted in addition to the requirements listed below. Please be sure that the prospective student is identified/identifiable. **Audition Policy Change: Effective August 2018.

DVD Requirements:

**If student has studied a dance form for less than two years, that dance form may be omitted from DVD, but a note to that effect should be attached to the DVD.


Barre Work:

  • Plie, Tendu, Developpe, Grand Battement

Center Work:

  • Adagio, Petite Allegro, Grand Allegro (including En de Hors/ En de Dans)


  • Classical/contemporary variation or pointe work
  • Ballet work should demonstrate line; alignment; use of arms, legs, and feet; coordination


Technique Progressions (right and left sides):

  • Chaine turns, Pirouettes, Battements, Extensions, Leaps
  • A combination of movement illustrating style and highlighting personal performance qualities

Modern/ Contemporary Dance

  • A phrase of movement displaying fundamentals of modern technique. Use of space, balance, stability on and off center, use of the floor, musicality, and connection of limbs to core.

Hip Hop/ Tap/ Choreography (Optional)

  • These styles are optional.

2.) Interview (Required)

Each prospective student must participate in an in-person interview on the day he/she auditions. In the event that a prospective student is unable to attend an in-person interview, a phone interview can be scheduled and all audition packet materials including the DVD / flash drive must be received by our office at least 1-2 days before the audition.

3.) In-Person Audition (Strongly Recommended)

All prospective dance majors are encouraged to come to campus for a live screening audition. Each student takes two to three dance technique classes (ballet, jazz, modern) with current LMU students estimated to be at the same ability level. In this way, faculty will assess each prospective student's technical level and prospective students get to know current students and faculty.

4.) Resume or Summary of Study (Required)

Each prospective student MUST submit a formal resume OR a brief Summary of Dance Study:

  1. Styles of dance studied
  2. Where/ how long study was undertaken

5.) Goals Statement (Required)

Each prospective student MUST provide a brief Goals Statement. Write in narrative or bulleted points:

  1. Career Goals
  2. Where you feel you want/need to grow and develop as a dancer (performer, choreographer, teacher, etc.)
  3. Life Goals

6.) Dance Program Audition Form (Required):

Carefully review our Dance Information Packet and complete the REQUIRED Audition Form

Please send the Audition and Information Form, DVD, Resume, and Goals Statement (CLEARLY marked with student's name) to:

Carol Jones
LMU Dance Program
1 LMU Dr., BURNS 241
Los Angeles, CA 90045

Please Note: Please be aware that documents sent to Undergraduate Admission are separate from those sent to the Dance Program. Be sure to send each office the correct paperwork. Submissions to the Dance Program, including audition DVDs, will not be returned. Please be sure to have and retain appropriate copies before submission. DVD submissions are due no later than April 1. If you happen to have a phone interview after this date due to schedule conflicts, we can make an exception to receive it a few days before your phone interview along with your packet. Resume or Summary of Study and Goal Statements are due at the time of your audition/interview.

Thank you for your interest in the LMU Dance Program!