Theatre, CFA

Theatre Arts Audition Procedures
Loyola Marymount University
Theatre Arts Program, Department of Theatre Arts & Dance

Entrance into the LMU Theatre Arts Program is by submission of exemplary material in the student’s primary area of interest. A video audition for students interested in focusing on acting, a portfolio review for prospective students interested in specializing in technical theatre and design, or dramatic writing for students interested in pursuing playwriting must be submitted for consideration for the program. There are no live auditions. Incoming prospective students (including transfer students) must complete the Common application for Loyola Marymount University, in addition to the audition/portfolio requirements for the Theatre program.

Current LMU students who wish to apply for a Theatre Arts major should follow the same instructions.

After completing the video audition or portfolio review, incoming prospective students will receive notification from LMU Admissions if they have been accepted into the university and whether or not they have been accepted as a major in the theatre program. It is the responsibility of all prospective students to complete all Loyola Marymount University admission requirements by the specified deadline(s). In addition, a video audition or portfolio review for technical/design, directing or writing applicants is also required for the Theatre Arts program. All applicants are encouraged to apply and submit as early as possible.

Current LMU students: If you wish to declare a theatre major you must interview with the Chair of the Theatre Arts program. 

Video Audition/Portfolio Review Deadlines:

Fall Applicants:

Early Action: November 1
Early Decision: November 1
Regular Admission: February 15
Transfer Applicants: April 30

Email audition videos to

No DVDs accepted. Please submit in MP4 format or via public YouTube video link with username and password.


-A short (20-30 sec.) introduction, stating your name, where you are from, and something interesting about yourself.
-Two monologues: a contemporary and a classical monologue.
-If you are a singer, you may add 60 seconds each of 2 contrasting songs, 1 upbeat and 1 ballad. 
-Each monologue should be approximately 90 seconds, or 3 minutes for both pieces. 
-State the play title and author of each monologue before you perform it.
-With introductions and monologues, your video should be no longer than 4 minutes, or 5-6 minutes if you have included 2 songs.

Guidelines for taping:  Keep the background simple, use a ¾ body shot frame, and no zooming. No internal editing, although there may be a break from the introduction to the monologues. The monologues should be done one after another.

In choosing pieces for your audition we recommend the following:

-Choose a monologue from a published play that is a role in which you are likely to be cast.
-Pieces should be age appropriate.
-Do not choose pieces that are much younger or much older than you.
-Avoid pieces that use highly exaggerated characters. 
-Avoid “sketch” comedy, or extremely farcical or cartoon-type characters.
-Do not use dialects or costumes. You may use very simple objects as props—a piece of paper, a phone, but it is best to keep your performance very simple.
-Choose a piece that you enjoy performing.
-Read the play from which the piece is chosen.

Monologue performances are evaluated on preparation, use of language and text, clear intention and purpose, sense of truth, emotional connection and availability, and range of vocal and physical expression demonstrated.


For those wishing to concentrate in technical theatre and/or design, including stage management, submission of a portfolio is recommended, but not required. If documentation of design/tech/management work is available and can be transferred to a DVD or CD, this material should be included in the application packet. Of greater importance for tech and design students is a required strong letter of recommendation from the high school drama teacher or other supervisor (ie. community theatre/professional work) detailing the quantity and quality of the student’s contributions to backstage work.  Students interested in both acting and technical/design experience are encouraged to submit portfolio/recommendations for both areas.


Please include a resume, a statement of purpose, and contact information.
A list of projects directed, with concept statements and photos illustrating the production.
We also strongly recommend submitting an acting video audition as well (see above).


Please include a resume, statement of purpose and contact information.
Include a list of any productions your plays have received.
Please submit at least ten but no more than thirty pages of sample dramatic writing.

Submit to:

Jeanine Uribe

1 LMU Drive, MS 8210

Los Angeles, CA 90045

If you have questions regarding the submission of these materials, please email Jeanine Uribe.