For Students Affected by the LAUSD Strike

Loyola Marymount is following the developments in the LAUSD teachers’ strike carefully, and we are aware that students from schools affected by the strike will be concerned about meeting our application deadline and requirements. The main areas of concern are teacher recommendations and the school report forms and information submitted by counselors.

You will not be held responsible for or disadvantaged in any way if you are delayed or are unable to provide us with your recommendations or school report information. If you fill out your application completely, including the form on which you list your courses and grades, we will consider your application on time and ready for evaluation.

Here is how we will handle the parts of your application that you may have trouble providing:

Transcript information: LMU does not require applicants to submit official transcripts when they apply. Because we are allowing students to self report courses, grades and test scores, you can provide us with your academic record either by listing your courses and grades on your application or by emailing an unofficial transcript to us at

Teacher recommendations: Because providing teacher recommendations may be impossible due to circumstances beyond your control, we will waive the required recommendation for students from schools closed by the strike. Of course, if your teachers are willing to send recommendations regardless of the strike, we will be happy to receive them. If they cannot send them using their normal procedures, they can email them to us at

Once we have a completed application form and self reported courses, grades, and SAT or ACT scores, your application will be complete and we will begin the evaluation process.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding your application, please contact us.