Get Involved

Community and Clubs

When we say we are here for you, we mean it. Whether you need academic support, help with the admissions process, or just someone who understands where you are coming from, you will find a close-knit circle of student groups, staff, faculty, and alumni who are always ready to help.

Office of Black Student Services - The OBSS is the foundation of the black family at LMU, supporting students from orientation through graduation by providing assistance, advocacy, outreach, and education.

Part of Ethnic and Intercultural Services, OBSS employs a full-time professional director and a staff of student fellows who coordinate everything from workshops and retreats to special committees. The office also puts on some of our most popular events, including Jazz and Open Mic Poetry Night, Black History Month Celebrations, and many more.

Student Clubs & Organizations - From fraternities and sororities to business groups and service organizations, student clubs give you the chance to get involved on a personal level and truly make a difference in both the black community and LMU at large.

African American Studies Department - LMU offers both major and minor programs in African American Studies. The department’s inspirational and dedicated faculty members guide students to a deeper understanding of the experiences of African-descended peoples. Challenging and thought-provoking courses range from African American Literature to the Civil Rights Movement.

African American Alumni Association - The African American Alumni Association gives students a chance to network and connect with LMU alumni, including successful entrepreneurs, acclaimed artists, educational leaders, government officials, scientists, and many more. The AAAA also funds an annual scholarship that provides financial assistance to deserving LMU undergraduates.