LMU Outcomes

One of the best measures of our success as a university is what our students are able to do after graduation and who they become.

—LMU Strategic Plan


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Hear them roar! Learn how these Lions turned life on the bluff into
real-world success.

"My experience at LMU has been absolutely wonderful.
I've been able to grow so immensely, not only as a performer,
but as a person."

Genna BloomBecker
Class of 2015

Over two-thirds
of LMU students

complete internships

25% of students participate in faculty-led research

A network of


alumni worldwide

175,000 service hours performed
by students

LMU helped me accomplish what
I set out to do…
find a great career.

Annastasia Lieb
Class of 2014

Undergraduate Entrepreneurship Program

ranked #13
in the nation,

BusinessWeek (2013)

11:1 Student-to-Faculty Ratio

There’s no doubt
that I will be utterly
successful doing what
I love to do, and a big part of that will be due to my time at LMU.

Julian Garcia
Class of 2014

Top producer of Fulbright scholars

LMU really helped me gain confidence and
a sense of assertiveness in
terms of my storytelling abilities.

Philippa Adams
Class of 2014

Ranked in top 20 for

“Best Quality of Life” &
“Happiest Students,”

The Princeton Review (2014)