Animation Portfolio

Animation, SFTVStudents applying for admission into the Animation major must submit a portfolio of 10-15 samples of artwork that may include: life drawings, illustrations, cartoons, comic strips, comic books, sketches, paintings, and other visual materials. Please do not send traced pictures or copies of other people’s work.

Animation faculty will review your portfolio and are hoping to gain insight into how you approach creative work and to assess your personal style and artistic interests. Please include a few drawings that demonstrate character personality or that reveal character motivation (a storytelling drawing), as these are especially useful in assessing your skill as an animator. 

After students submit an application, they will get an email explaining how to check their status; the Application Status Page includes an upload feature where students can upload a portfolio. LMU currently accepts Images, Videos, and .PDF documents. If you have a text document to submit, please convert the document to a .PDF file before submitting.

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