Student speaking at podium

what is the spanish program?

Our program prepares students to be proficient in Spanish and the cultures of Spanish speaking populations. We teach to listen, speak, read, write, and analyze the language while providing college level knowledge of its literature and the arts. Our classes foster transcultural understanding as the basis for mutual respect, global harmony, and social justice.

what do spanish majors do?

Depending on their Placement Exam results, students begin taking upper division classes, or start at the lower division level. Our students typically double major. Business Administration, Accounting, Natural Sciences, Psychology, Sociology, Theology, Communication Studies, and English are frequent options.

We strongly encourage our students to study abroad in Spanish-speaking countries. A new semester program in Argentina promotes service learning, while short term engaged learning opportunities include the LMU Alternative Break programs.

Our outstanding students are hired by the professors as teaching and research assistants, or work at our Language Center. They often join the Spanish Honor Society (Iota Rho of Sigma Delta Pi) and publish their research essays and creative works in the journal La Voz edited by the vibrant Spanish Club. 

is this major right for you?

You will benefit from majoring (or minoring) in Spanish if you:

  • Plan to become a doctor, nurse, lawyer, business person, college professor or teacher
  • Would like to work or volunteer in a Spanish speaking community in the US or abroad
  • Learned Spanish at home and want to develop your skills professionally and academically
  • Are interested in the culture of Spanish speaking populations in the US and abroad

about our faculty

Our faculty members have extensive college teaching experience. Born in Argentina, Cuba, Mexico, Peru, Spain and the US, they are experts in a variety of fields. As evidenced in their professional resumes they have published books, articles, creative works, and translations in prestigious international venues.

about our students and graduates 

Our alumni have been admitted to graduate programs at Duke, Harvard, USC, USF, NYU, Columbia, among others. They have found jobs in education (as teachers or professors), in the entertainment industry, in governmental institutions, in NGOs, and in business. Others volunteered in the Peace Corps, AmeriCorps, Teach for America, and the PLACE program.

Our current students embark in study abroad experiences, research projects, extracurricular activities, and community-based learning opportunities.  By being immersed in the cultures where Spanish is spoken, they acquire intercultural awareness. 

representative courses

Our courses include: 

  • Spanish 1 to 3
  • Stylistics and Composition
  • Spanish Linguistics
  • Survey of Latin American Literature
  • Survey of Peninsular Literature
  • Spanish of the Americas
  • Latin American Short Story
  • Spanish Cinema
  • The Sounds of Spanish
  • Spanish Language Acquisition