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Adrienne Wieder-Finch: Taking flight in world of digital media

Recent screenwriting graduate Adrienne Wieder-Finch is making her mark in the world of digital entertainment as the Manager of Digital Development and Fan Engagement for start-up, Legion of Creatives Digital, in Los Angeles.

While her resume was strong, it was not what scored her the position. It was her blossoming YouTube channel, “All Things Adrienne,” that garnered interest, as it currently has an auspicious subscriber tally of 23 thousand and counting.

Adrienne’s cheerful brand of girl-world wisdom and lifestyle videos caught the attention of her LMU digital marketing professor and entertainment industry marketing vet, Jay Williams, who has a stake in the start-up and was eager to bring her onboard for content management and development.

“I recognized that digital media is really key right now,” Adrienne said, “and having a following is leverage for any other kind of creative pursuit — opens a lot of doors and provides a lot of opportunities that other things do not.”

Adrienne says she was originally inspired to start developing her own creative content after routine visits to LMU’s Office of Career and Professional Development, where she worked closely with career coach Sean Cain. There the two worked on identifying her strengths, interests and career-goals.

“Working closely with a career coach helped me realize my full potential and channel my talents into real-world opportunities,” said Adrienne, a Seattle native.

Moreover, she said that Cain helped her prepare for internship interviews at Warner Bros. and Fox, both of which she landed.

However Adrienne’s first industry internship was at Awesomeness TV, where she got a taste of developing content for YouTube.

“I knew nothing about YouTube as social media before this internship,” Adrienne said. “It is another one of the key reasons why I started my channel, which they actually manage.”

Along with her current workload at The Legion, which involves managing co-president Orlando Jones’s YouTube channel, she tries to shoot, edit and upload two new videos per week.

“I want a million subscribers,” Adrienne said. “My goal is to hit 100 thousand by the end of 2015. As long as you are doing the right things, you will keep creating momentum.”

The rising digital star must be doing something right — she just acquired her first major brand advertising deal.

Check out the up-and-comer’s videos on her YouTube channel