Christopher Wilson

More Power in Numbers

Headshot of Christopher Wilson

If Christopher Wilson could describe his LMU experience in one word, it would be community. And that spirit of community would carry the New Orleans native forward during his time on the bluff – from various student organizations and mentors to a Jesuit family tie.

“I didn’t originally plan to attend LMU,” Chris reflected. “I was looking at colleges in the LA area, and two of my uncles asked if LMU was on that list. I replied that it wasn’t, and they told me how the Jesuits have positively impacted my family. When my grandparents immigrated to the U.S. from Cuba, the Jesuits housed them in Mexico and helped coordinate their entry into the country. Since then, my family has fostered loyalty to the Jesuits, with relatives graduating from Jesuit high schools and colleges, including Loyola Chicago, Georgetown, and Loyola New Orleans.

“It was a pretty convincing reason to at least go on a tour!” he chuckled. “And it’s been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.”

Before starting at LMU, Chris attended one of the university’s events for admitted Future Lions. There, he met with CBA student leaders Christian Jackson and Dez Hemmans, along with CBA Dean Dayle Smith. “I quickly realized what she and her team would bring to the student experience. The sense of community present at that event – especially how people were willing to help each other – sold me.” 

He enrolled in the College of Business Administration (CBA) with a dual major in accounting and management. As for the community that inspired him? He dove right in – cultivating connections with students and faculty members, many of whom shaped the trajectory of his LMU experience.

From serving as the chief financial officer for ASLMU – LMU’s associated student government - and working in departments like student affairs and the controller’s office to participating in the Jesuit honors society Alpha Sigma Nu, leading the accounting society as its president, and being named the Accounting Student of the Year, for Chris, the power of community he experienced as a prospective student stood the test of time.

“I could probably write a book on how many times a student, faculty, staff, or alumni went out of their way to help me personally and professionally,” Chris explained. “Whether it was my job search, imparting life lessons and navigating leadership roles, or introducing me to contacts within their network, the common theme that weaves through all these experiences is the sense of community and the love that exists for and with each other at LMU.”

Chris will take all he has learned to global organization KPMG in September, where he will start his position as an associate in their transformation delivery practice. He is also proud to join the Dean’s Rising Leaders Council, a new initiative by CBA.

But most of all, he is proud of the community he embraced – and that embraced him – during such a pivotal time in his life. To future Lions, he says:

“This community will inspire, challenge, and encourage you to be a leader who can create the world we want to live in. Don't be afraid to try something new, fail once or twice, stand up for your friends, and love recklessly. As I reflect on my time at LMU, I would confidently take the skills and experiences that I learned against any other student at any other university. But what transcends everything is the relationships and people I've encountered who have shaped me. I cherish these relationships above any other roles/accolades I've received as a student.”