Obioma Ugorji

From LMU Graduate to Future Change-maker

Headshot of Obioma at commencement 2023 standing at a podium.

When Obioma Ugorji ‘23 first enrolled at LMU, he set his sights on the entertainment industry. Now the recent graduate (and 2023 valedictorian) is preparing to attend law school at The George Washington University Law School in the fall. “It was a special collection of people that propelled me into this next phase of life,” he said.

Ugorji majored in international relations at LMU’s Bellarmine College of Liberal Arts. His studies and experiences transformed his mindset into “an international thought bank.” Ugorji is inspired to make a difference in his home country of Nigeria and help drive societal change, particularly for those who did not have the same opportunities as him. “It’s why I want to attend law school,” he said. “To help others in a way that is aligned with my passions and story.”

At LMU, he participated in community efforts like the Insight LA Canyon Cleanup, served as the BlackAtLMU Community Liaison Chair, and was a board member of LMU’s Umoja Alliance. He also served as president of LMU’s African Student Association for three years – a foundational element of his career aspirations. “During my time as president, I made connections and had experiences that reminded me that every individual is worth investing in,” he shared. “Every individual is blessed with gifts – that when cultivated – can lean them to meeting or pursuing their potential.” That theme of potential carries Ugorji forward to empower and uplift those he encounters. 

Ugorji also credits the mentorship and willingness of his professors, who went above and beyond to support and guide him. “The professors at LMU care. My professors sat with me during office hours and their lunch breaks. They advised, helped, and reminded me that I was more than a student.”

But perhaps the most important lessons that Ugorji has gained have been from his most important role – big brother. “Being an older brother to my younger brother has made me who I am. It has taught me leadership, patience, and Godly love. Because of these things, I am inspired every day to be better, and I love it.” 

As he reflects on his time at LMU, Ugorji encourages future Lions to recognize the value of doing the small things and enjoy them – whether it’s a walk on the Bluff, watching the sunrise, or spending time with friends. “If you can, use these ‘small things’ and moments to create room for inspiration and introspection so that you can pursue your career and life goals.”