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Full Bloom Success

“It’s about the individual stories you get to hear. The chance to imagine yourself as an LMU Lion,” senior Valedictorian Hallie Ryan said, student speaker for this Sunday’s Virtual Preview Day.

Hallie, an Honors biology major, recalls being in awe while listening to the inspiring words of her own Preview Day speaker, a Lion who embodied everything she herself hoped to accomplish and become over the course of her LMU career. And now, four years and many fond memories later, the native Kansan finds herself quickly approaching graduation and coming full-circle – except this time around its excerpts from her own LMU success story meant to inspire.

“LMU has instilled an acute sense of purpose in me,” Hallie said. “I’ve been shown that I have the capability to not only pursue my career, but that I can continually work to build relationships and a sense of community with those around me – wherever that may be.”

And that wherever may very well be in Spain, for a year at least, as Hallie was named an Alternate for a Fulbright Award, for which if ultimately bestowed upon her, would allow her to pursue an English Teaching Assistantship abroad -- followed promptly by the path to medical school.

Drawn to LMU for its quaint size and devoted faculty, Hallie credits her rigorous coursework in the LMU Seaver College of Science and Engineering for turning her passion for science into a desire to delve deeper into pressing public health issues, such as the accessibility of healthcare to members of underserved populations.

“LMU took every opportunity to create purpose and real-world applications for me inside and outside of the classroom,” Hallie said. “Whether it was through undergraduate research opportunities, exploring social justice issues, or engaging in community service.”

Academics aside, Hallie added that a defining part of her LMU experience has been her involvement in the university’s De Colores program, monthly faith-based service-immersion trips in which students leave the comforts of campus behind to journey to Tijuana, Mexico in pursuit of cross-cultural connection, service, and self-reflection.

“As a student leader, I was lucky enough to venture on these monthly trips throughout my senior year,” she said. “Returning to the same communities every month and building relationships with our community partners at Build a Miracle and Casa del Migrante allowed me to form relationships I know will extend beyond my LMU experience and continue for years to come.”

Additionally, Hallie is a member of Belles service organization – one of ten service organization opportunities offered through the LMU Center for Service and Action, and is Vice President of Alpha Sigma Nu, the Jesuit Honors Society.

As for why admitted future Lions should zoom-in for the Virtual Preview Day experience?

“At its core, Preview Day is about surrounding yourself with the potential for connection, the voices of people who may very well become your future friends and peers – so please, join me. I’d love to hear your story.”