Konrad Asprodites

Network for Success


Class of 2018 Entrepreneurship graduate Konrad Asprodites is stepping into the role of Financial Analyst for national consulting firm Booz Allen Hamilton. A native of New Orleans, La., Konrad was guided to employment by LMU’s vast network of business school alumni, many of whom were eager to lend an ear and helping hand.

“I reached out to a lot of alumni in my field,” Konrad said, “and one of them just happened to work at Booz Allen Hamilton, and he kindly provided an introduction.”

The recipient of LMU’s 2018 Program Scholar Award in Entrepreneurship, Konrad interned at venture capital firm Sun Mountain Capital and for LA congressman Ted Lieu prior to graduating.

“From an education standpoint, I think LMU has helped me form a core set of beliefs that I can bring into any position and will help serve as a base for success,” Konrad said. “Not to mention that the people, both students and faculty, are all so amazing – you can learn so much from them if you make the effort.”

Among his favorite LMU experiences, Konrad cites an Entrepreneurship class he took that was taught by Kinkos founder Paul Orfalea:

“He taught skills that he didn’t think were always properly addressed in the formal education system,” Konrad said. “And it was really unique to see how a really successful person thinks, the culmination of which was learning how to take a curious perspective and apply it.”

Moreover, during his junior year Konrad studied abroad in Bonn, Germany through the “New Europe” program, which is designed mainly of business majors. Currently, LMU offers over 60 opportunities for study abroad experiences around the globe.

“Studying abroad was a real turning point for me in college,” Konrad said. “It was the first time I was really forced to be self-sufficient. The whole experience helped me gain a new perspective, and I got to travel to ten different countries.”

Outside of the classroom, Konrad was involved in a number of campus pursuits, including Sigma Phi Epsilon fraternity and as a Resident Advisor, and believes his experiences outside of the classroom have given him a firm understanding of who he is and how he wants to lead his life.

As for what advice Konrad has for future lions?

“Get outside of your comfort zone,” Konrad said. “You have so many unique opportunities at LMU, but the only way you are going to get them is if you put yourself out there. That’s when you really learn.”